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Pet Odor Removal

If you are a pet owner, accidents are usual in the home. Dog owners clean the pee and waste their time if they are training a puppy in the house. This case is also usual when a dog in the home is too older. We love our pets but the messes are no fun. Especially if an accident occurs on the carpet or upholstered furniture.

Make sure you don’t try to remove pet urine stains on your own. These stains often cause permanent damage. Hence it is better you hire Professional Pet Odor Removal in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Carpet Cleaners provides a unique service for pet odor removal which You can’t find from anyone else! Our technicians first apply the unique cleaning solution to the stains on your carpet or furniture. This solution targets and attacks the urine. Then, extract the solution, residue, dirt, and urine from the surface with the help of the steam cleaning method to provide quality cleaning results.


Our Quality Pet Odor Removal in Los Angeles Include:

• UV light inspection to identify urine stains
• Special cleaning formula
• Hot water extraction & powerful suction equipment
• Professional odor removal
• Experienced professionals & friendly service
• 100% Satisfaction guaranteed!


Benefits of Hiring Our Professional Pet Stain and Odor Removal Services

● Quality cleaning results with a 100% safe environment.
● Trusted and experienced professionals
● Affordable cleaning rates
● 100% guarantee satisfaction.

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